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Mahashramm (Labour Management System)
F1 Expert Club
The CEO (Game)
Fidelis (Financial App)
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"About Me

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I currently work at Anuva Technologies, Pune as a Business Analyst.

My experience is more than 2 years.

To tell about my educational qualification, I have completed Masters of Business Administration (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology). Yeah, it's all about information and computers for me!

My Skills

  • Analytical and Reasoning
  • Documentation Skills
  • Requirement Definition, Documentation & Management.
  • Client Management.
  • Management Interaction.
  • Project Set up and Stabilization.
  • Team Building, Mentoring & Evaluation.
  • Risk and Issue Management.
  • Project Execution.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Process definition & optimization.
  • Software Design & Development.
  • Software Quality Assurance.

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"Business Analysis is the art and technique of identifying problems of a business and devicing best possible solution to them to achieve organizational goals."
- Harshad Kulkarni (BE, MBA)

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Name iconHarshad Kulkarni

Location iconPune, Maharashtra, India

Email iconEmail: contact[at]iharshad.com

Mobile iconMobile: +91 - 8956 822 480